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Look for another API Strategy & Practice event later this year!
APIStrat Tech Un-Workshops @ Gluecon in May.
APIStrat Chicago in September 24-25-26, 2014.

Scaling in the API Economy



Adam DuVander, Sendgrid

Adam Wiggins, Heroku

David Haskiya, Europeana

Eva Sjokvist, Absolut Vodka

Frank Kresin, Waag Society

Gordon Hollingworth, Raspberry Pi

Isabelle Mauny, WSO2

Ismail Elshareef, Edmunds API

John Sheehan,

Kat Borlongan, Five by Five

Ken Wronkiewicz, Rackspace

Laura Heritage, SOA Software

Mehdi Medjaoui, &

Mike Amundsen, Layer 7

Renaud Visage, Eventbrite

Romain Huet, Twitter

Toralf Richter, Tom Tom Business Solution

Tyler Singletary, Klout


Building APIs for everything on the internet March, 11 2014

This is a guest blog by Pratap Ranade. Currently co-founder of  KimonoLabs, he was formerly an analyst with McKinsey. Read more

Choose Your Workshops for APIStrat Amsterdam March, 11 2014

Today we are announcing the four workshops that will be held at the API Strategy & Practice in Amsterdam.   The workshops will take place on Wednesday, March 26th from 1. Read more

API Strategy & Practice Code of Conduct March, 10 2014

When 3Scale and API Evangelist  first planned API Strategy & Practice, we envisioned an event where everyone is welcome to come and talk about their company’s API strategy and tell stories from the trenches about how they are putting APIs to use. We want to create a forum where anyone of any skill level can come and listen to these stories, in an inclusive environment where they won’t be listening to sales pitches, or made to feel stupid for what they don’t know, in an environment where they are free from harassment. Read more

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