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APIStrat Tech Un-Workshops @ Gluecon in May.
APIStrat Chicago in September 24-25-26, 2014.

Scaling in the API Economy



Adam DuVander, Sendgrid

Adam Wiggins, Heroku

David Haskiya, Europeana

Eva Sjokvist, Absolut Vodka

Frank Kresin, Waag Society

Gordon Hollingworth, Raspberry Pi

Isabelle Mauny, WSO2

Ismail Elshareef, Edmunds API

John Sheehan,

Kat Borlongan, Five by Five

Ken Wronkiewicz, Rackspace

Laura Heritage, SOA Software

Mehdi Medjaoui, &

Mike Amundsen, Layer 7

Renaud Visage, Eventbrite

Romain Huet, Twitter

Toralf Richter, Tom Tom Business Solution

Tyler Singletary, Klout


Live Streaming the Main Stage September, 12 2014

Can't make it to Chicago? Luckily for you, we’ll be live streaming the main stage! Read more

Discussing The Politics of APIs In Chicago @APIStrat September, 11 2014

There are many challenges API providers face when designing, deploying, and managing their APIs, and some of the most difficult ones go beyond just the technical, including important aspects of API operations like terms of service, privacy, security, and even the pricing, or the monetization strategy of an API platform. Many developers are equipped to deal with the technical hurdles, but some of these legal, business, or as I call them, the political challenges, can be some of the most challenging. Read more

StrongLoop,,, Webshell, and In The Next Generation API Stack Panel @APIStrat September, 08 2014

In the early days of APIs, the concept of the API mashup was hugely popular, where a developer would take two or more APIs and mash them up into a single web application, and eventually into mobile apps. ProgrammableWeb still tracks on mashups, and which APIs they consume, as a metric for which APIs are the most used across the space. Read more

Friday Deadlines Mid-Priced Tickets and Room Reservations September, 03 2014

Hey! In case you haven’t heard, there are a couple of deadlines coming up fast. Read more

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