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Welcome to the latest news and press from API Strategy & Practice.  This blog spans all editions of the API Strategy & Practice conference.

Building APIs for everything on the internet

by Pratap Ranade on 03-11-2014

This is a guest blog by Pratap Ranade. Currently co-founder of  KimonoLabs, he was formerly an analyst with McKinsey.   APIs are unlocking real value across industries and sectors. Large corporations and governments are realizing this and investing in scalable API strategies. But, while APIs are being built for large scale services and data repositories, the long tail of the internet lags behind. This long tail of content has significant value, adding real richness to the web. As we transition from active consumers of web data on computer screens to constant, passive users, engaging with the web contextually from connected devices, APIs for the long tail will become even more important. So, how do we API-ify the entire web? We must empower data consumers to create.   APIs are unlocking immense value through programmable access to data and services Established digital natives have made API business models work at scale. Salesforce, for example generates half of its $3B in revenue from APIs and Expedia generates 90% of $2B. Newer entrants like Twilio and Stripe are unlocking billions of dollars of value by API-ifying traditional services altogether.

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Choose Your Workshops for APIStrat Amsterdam

by Kin Lane on 03-11-2014

Today we are announcing the four workshops that will be held at the API Strategy & Practice in Amsterdam.   The workshops will take place on Wednesday, March 26th from 1. 30 pm to 3. 30 pm, and from 4 pm to 6 pm. There will be no other sessions happening on Wednesday apart from the workshops. Your APIStrat ticket entitles you to attend two of the workshops, but please register soon as places are limited! Workshops information 1. 30 pm to 3. 30 pm API-First Development with RAML, by Daniel Feist, Architect @ Mulesoft. In this workshop we'll develop a real-world API together using RAML to define the interface and API consumer experience before even thinking about the implementation. In doing this we'll cover the powerful design-first features of RAML as well as the tooling available to facilite this approach. Finally we'll implement and test our new API Introduction to APIs, by Kirsten Hunter and D. Keith Casey Jr. An introduction to the world of APIs including: What is an API? What do web APIs make possible? Creating a web API and support an API. 4 pm to 6 pm CitySDK APIs Boosting Civic App Development, by Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Jaakko Rajaniemi, Bert Spaan, André Oliveira and Geert Monsieur.

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API Strategy & Practice Code of Conduct

by Kin Lane on 03-10-2014

When 3Scale and API Evangelist  first planned API Strategy & Practice, we envisioned an event where everyone is welcome to come and talk about their company’s API strategy and tell stories from the trenches about how they are putting APIs to use. We want to create a forum where anyone of any skill level can come and listen to these stories, in an inclusive environment where they won’t be listening to sales pitches, or made to feel stupid for what they don’t know, in an environment where they are free from harassment. All the past API Strategy & Practice events have been very open, inclusive conversations and we want to make sure it stays this way. Today we are publishing a code of code to make sure we set a healthy bar for what is expected from everyone participating in the conversation, which includes: Statement of Unacceptable Behavior How We Will Enforce Acceptable Conduct How And Where You Can Report Unacceptable Behavior We are making sure that all of our staff is aware of what is acceptable behavior, and available to address any incidents. Our goal is to make sure you have a safe, worry-free event, where you can learn about APIs and leave #APIStrat feeling empowered.

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Adam Wiggins @ APISTrat Amsterdam

by Kin Lane on 03-10-2014

We are excited to announce Adam Wiggins as a keynote speaker for our upcoming Apistrat conference, 'Scaling in the API Economy. ' Adam Wiggins is a hacker and entrepreneur, best known for cofounding Heroku, and will be at the APIStrat Amsterdam talking about home automation and the role of APIs in a hackable worldon Friday, March 28 in the afternoon. This will be the second part of his talk 'Hackability: The Future of Programming in a Post-PC World', and he will be delivering it for the fist time at APIStrat Amsterdam. If you want to start warming up, you can watch Adam Wiggins' talk at the'Future Insights' conference: http://player. vimeo. com/video/59043030 Adam Wiggins is also the author of 12factor. net and an advocate for programming literacy and hackability. Right now he's in Berlin, working European startups and writing about his experiences (https://medium. com/wandering-cto). Get your tickets! The first European edition of the API Strategy & Practice Conference will take place in Amsterdam next March 26, 27 and 28.

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Streaming API Strategy & Practice Around The Globe

by Kin Lane on 02-17-2014

At API Strategy & Practice in San Francisco last October, we streamed the event online. We are considering doing this again for #APIStrat in Amsterdam this March 26-28th. We had an inquiry from Australia, asking whether or not we planned to do this for Amsterdam, and they wanted to stream some of the event as part of their local API meetup--what a great idea! So we wanted to put out the word and see if there are other API meetup groups that were interested in doing the same thing in their local area. If you are interested in streaming the event go ahead and ping me on Twitter @kinlane or email me at info@apievangelist. com.

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Check out the Apistrat Amsterdam program

by Kin Lane on 02-12-2014

Today we are making available a prelimiary version of the program for the API Strategy & Practice Conference, which will take place in Amsterdam next March 26, 27 and 28.  We are also announcing three of the main event sponsors including Gold level sponsor WSO2, and Silver sponsors Pearson and Mulesoft. Program The full program covers three days of thought leadership and in-depth discussion surrounding the API Economy. Four in-depth workshops are under development for day one, and will be announced soon. Day two and three begin with top-level keynotes from tech leaders across industries, and are followed by the tracks and sessions including:  Track 1: API Provider. API Design & Development; Service Descriptions; Hardware & IOT; Hypermedia APIs Track 2: APIs by Industry. Media & Music API’s; Civic APIs; Enterprise APIs; Community APIs; APIs in Financial Services Track 3: API Consumer. Discovery & Trust; Security & Testing; API-based App Development New speakers include API experts from Apiary. io, Etsy, Deezer, JustGiving, Mulesoft, Twilio and WSO2.

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Announcing eight influential new speakers

by Kin Lane on 02-03-2014

Today we are announcing eight new high-profile speakers from The Absolut Company, APIs for Good, Eventbrite, IBM, Klout, Twitter, Waag Society and webshell. io for the conference, to be held in Amsterdam, March 26-28, 2014. The speakers join keynote, fireside chat and panel program presenters from Raspberry Pi, Layer7, Runscope, and Rackspace, among others. The new additions are Eva Sjokvist, Marketing Solutions and Interactive at The Absolut Company; Frank Kresin, Research Director at Waag Society; noted API expert and entrepreneur Mehdi Medjaou; IBM API Evangelist, Laura Heritage; Renaud Visage, CTO of Eventbrite; Kat Borlongan, of APIs For Good; Developer Advocate at Twitter, Romain Huet; and Tyler Singletary, Developer Evangelist at Klout. The full list of speakers can be found on the official website. The full program with tracks and topics will be announced soon. New speakers Eva Sjokvist Eva Sjökvist is a digital native and the product owner of drink related technical assets and permanent platforms at Absolut Vodka. This means that her focus is to create great assets around drink communication and making sure they are accessible for developers and users.

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Adding new speakers to the Apistrat Amsterdam lineup

by Kin Lane on 01-29-2014

Today eleven new great speakers have been added to the program, joining presenters from Raspberry PI, Layer7, Runscope, and Rackspace, among others. Thank you all for your involvement in the first European edition of the API Strategy & Practice Conference, which will take place in Amsterdam next March, 26-27-28 2014. The full list of speakers can be found on the official website. New speakers Brian Koles Brian Koles is the Business Development Director at ChallengePost - a platform and community for growing developer ecosystems though online software competitions and in-person hackathons. Colin Marc Colin Marc is a developer at Stripe, where he’s recently been spending his building analytics and modeling infrastructure. Besides programming all the things, Colin is also interested in Tuvan throat-singing and iambic tetrameter. David Garry David is co-founder and CTO of Nomos Software, and a long-time developer. David is the technical architect of a framework for delivering self-service technical support in the banking industry. Ismail Elshareef Ismail Elshareef has been running the Edmunds API and Open Platform for the past three years.

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API Strategy & Practice Call For Papers Ends This Week

by Kin Lane on 01-14-2014

The call for papers is ending this week for API & Strategy & Practice conference, March 26th,27th and 28th, in Amsterdam. So far we have over 25 talks submitted, with numerous slots already taken by sessions, panels and keynotes we already have scheduled. If you want to get your talk considered you need to submit by this Friday. By this weekend we will be closing the call for papers, reviewing and making decisions on the talks we feel should be part of the #APIStrat lineup. If you are looking for advice on how to craft your talk for success, read my blog post from last week on submitting a talk for #APIStrat. You are welcome to ping me directly for ideas, suggestions and my thoughts on your talk. 3Scale and I are looking forward to including your talk in the lineup for Amsterdam.

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Tickets for the APIStrat Amsterdam are Available Now

by Kin Lane on 01-07-2014

Early bird registration for the Apistrat Amsterdam is now open. There are limited numbers of each type of ticket, so please reserve your pass early if you'd like to attend.  Event passes, including early-bird discounted tickets, are now available here The first European edition of the API Strategy and Practice Conference will take place at the Beurs van Berlage, located near the Dam Square, in Amsterdam from March 26 – 28, 2014.   New speakers and sponsors are being added to the conference program regularly -  today we’re announcing Apiary. io (thank you for the support one more time! ) and two new speakers: David Haskiya, Product Developer Manager at Europeana Simon Redfern, CEO at Open Bank Project. Talk submissions We are still accepting talk submissions.

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