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Welcome to the latest news and press from API Strategy & Practice.  This blog spans all editions of the API Strategy & Practice conference.

Andrew Nacin Of WordPress @APIStrat Chicago

by Kin Lane on 08-25-2014

I am super stoked to announce that we have Andrew Nacin (@nacin), the lead developer from WordPress keynoting API Strategy & Practice in Chicago next month. We are looking to continue the conversation around an official WordPress API, scheduled for inclusion in the WordPress 4. 1 release. While an API for WordPress may not seem like anything that big, when you think about it being baked into WordPress by default, it means that over 60 million websites will potentially get an API, and 22% of the top 10 million websites run WordPress—a pretty significant shift. WordPress is still taking feedback on their upcoming API release, and you can visit their website and participate there, and now you can also come to Chicago the end of September, and hear Andrew talk about his work at WordPress, and participate in the convversation around the WordPress API afterwards in the halls.

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Workshop Information Now Available

by Kin Lane on 08-12-2014

Preliminary workshop information is now available for your perusal! In true APIStrat fashion, we’re covering a wide range of topics and experience levels to enable as many people as possible to share and benefit from practical API experiences and insights. Check the prerequisites if you’re unsure where you’ll fit in best.   In the first slot Introduction to APIs Six Tactics to Building Successful APIs In the second slot Getting Started Securing and Managing your API Building Plugins for SoapUI Pro Civic APIs Read all about ’em. If you’ve already registered for the conference, stay tuned for more information about how to sign up for your top workshop choices. Look out for an email in the near future.   If you don’t have a ticket yet, heads up, we're already on from early bird to mid-pricing. Don’t wait until regular admission time – register today! You can even sign up for accommodations at the same time.

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Traffic And Weather Returns For APIStrat Chicago

by Kin Lane on 07-17-2014

They are back! The geeky, highly critical, and hilariously funny duo, John Sheehan (@johnsheehan) and Steve Marx (@smarx), of Traffic and Weather are coming Chiago. If you aren't familiar with the hilariously informative podcast, that is Traffic and Weather, I highly recommend heading over to TrafficandWeather. io, and give  a listen. While you are there, listen to Episode 19: Consistently Available Pizza (Live from API Strategy and Practice). At #APIStrat San Francisco, Sheehan and Marx entertained the main stage audience, with their hilarious API fueled podcast antics--live! You can also find the video of the show, over at the #APIStrat Youtube channel, which will give you a small taste of what is to come in Chicago. We are excited to have Traffic & Weather back, helping us poke fun at the sometimes crazy world of APIs, while also make sense of some very technical topics, in a very hilarious and entertaining way.

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APIStrat Tickets Winners (From APICon)

by Vanessa Ramos on 07-15-2014

Thank you everyone who participated in the API Strategy & Practice ticket raffle amongst the APICon attendees! We were giving away 10 tickets for our next conference, which will be held in Chicago next September 24th, 25th and 26th, and here’re the winners. Congratulations! Jeanine Sinanan-Singh (Microsoft) Greg Roll (Optimal Payments) Ali Beatty (Pearson) Donald Roberts (DirecTV) Eric Tucker (Mindbody) Vimal Singh (Mobility Labs) Amit Shetty (SimpleECM) Kristen Womack (Best Buy) Billy Chia (Digium) Richard Fong (GovDelivery) If you didn’t win but still would like to attend, you have time to get an early bird ticket. Need accommodation?

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New Speakers and Sponsors for APIStrat Chicago!

by Kerrie Saephanh on 07-01-2014

There are only 12 weeks to go until our next API Strategy & Practice Conference in Chicago, IL, and we have some exciting things in store for you all in the next few weeks; more speakers, more sponsors, and brand new content! For today, we'll just give you a sneak preview: please welcome two great new speakers joining the APIStrat lineup! Fatemeh Khatibloo, Senior Research Analyst at Forrester Fatemeh serves Customer Insights Professionals, with a focus on the shifting consumer data ecosystem, including how privacy issues impact marketing and how customer preference centers improve engagement. Previously, Fatemeh focused on CI Services providers, including agencies, analytics providers, MSPs, and consultancies. She continues to stay abreast of those topics, and the vendors within that rapidly-changing landscape. Tim McCauley, Senior Director of Consumer Mobile at Walgreens Tim McCauley is the primary mobile advocate for Walgreens and is responsible for all mobile consumer initiatives. He leads the building and executing of a mobile strategy across the large nationwide, multichannel retailer with diverse customer needs.

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How To Craft A Talk For API Strategy & Practice Chicago

by Kin Lane on 05-28-2014

At API Strategy & Practice, we are pretty passionate about making the lineup of keynotes, sessions, panels, fireside chats, and workshops as valuable to the API community as we can. To help support this, we are militant about the talks we let in, and wanted to take a moment to help you understand what we are looking for when screening talk submissions. No Pay For Play #APIStrat is not a pay for play venue! This means that just because a company becomes a sponsor, it doesn't necessarily mean that they get a talk. While we strive to make our sponsors an integral part of the event, we still only accept the best talks from sponsors (or any company for that matter) to ensure that we can get the best content possible for the event! We encourage you to sponsor the event as an effort to gain exposure, but also support the overall API conversation and community. Not About Your Product When crafting a talk, focus on the solutions that your product provides for end users, NOT on your actual product. While mentioning your product or service in a talk is fine, you presentation should not be about the product or service exclusively.

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Early Bird Tickets Open Today for APIStrat Chicago!

by Kin Lane on 05-14-2014

The day is finally here--ticket sales are officially open for the upcoming API Strategy & Practice Conference in Chicago, September 24-26! Register for your early bird tickets and get more than 30% off General Admission price; only while supplies last! Get your ticket now This edition of APIStrat will be held in the beautiful Hyatt Regency of Chicago, located in the heart of downtown. If you need accommodation, there will be tickets available that include a hugely discounted two-night hotel stay for your convenience. You can also book your stay separately at a special rate for attendees (see Eventbrite page for more details). Make sure you also submit your talk idea before June 5 and find out about becoming a sponsor of this amazing event.

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Awesome speaker lineup for APIStrat's Tech Un-Workshop @ Gluecon!

by Kin Lane on 05-07-2014

Today we are excited to announce our speaker lineup for the APIStrat Tech Un-Workshop at Gluecon! Thanks to all our great speakers for being part of this event. Our confirmed speakers include: Jakub Nestril of Apiary Tony Tam of Reverb Ole Lensmar of Smartbear Jerome Louvel of Restlet Kin Lane of API Evangelist Steven Willmott of 3scale Lorinda Brandon of Smartbear Mike Amundsen of Layer7 Bret Tobey of Carvoyant Tim Kellogg of 2lemetry Dave Nugent of PubNub Justin Karneges of FanOut Stay tuned! More speakers will be annouced as they become available! More details about the format and content of the event will be available on the website. If you haven't registered for your free APIStrat workshop ticket yet, do it now; there are only 2 weeks left until the event! Register now!

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Announcing 'APIs Going Mainstream' next September 24-26 in Chicago

by Kin Lane on 04-30-2014

After coming off a successful international event in Amsterdam, today we are excited to announce the newest edition of the API Strategy & Practice Conference, taking place in Chicago, IL! Save the dates on your calendar: When: September 24, 25, and 26, 2014 Where: The Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 E Upper Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601 Official website We are proud to announce the following awesome speakers, thank you all for your support and for making this event possible: Ashe Dryden Ashe is an outspoken educator for diversity, inclusiveness, and empathy. She's currently writing a book on increasing diversity within companies, as well as working on a video series and site to serve as a resource to people who want to get involved.   John Ellis As Global Technologist and Head of the Ford Developer Program with Ford Motor Company, John is tasked with expanding Ford’s “brought-in” strategy of integrating mobile technology into the vehicle. John Musser John Musser is the CEO of API Science and previously founded ProgrammableWeb, the leading online resource on open APIs.

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Building APIs for everything on the internet

by Pratap Ranade on 03-11-2014

This is a guest blog by Pratap Ranade. Currently co-founder of  KimonoLabs, he was formerly an analyst with McKinsey.   APIs are unlocking real value across industries and sectors. Large corporations and governments are realizing this and investing in scalable API strategies. But, while APIs are being built for large scale services and data repositories, the long tail of the internet lags behind. This long tail of content has significant value, adding real richness to the web. As we transition from active consumers of web data on computer screens to constant, passive users, engaging with the web contextually from connected devices, APIs for the long tail will become even more important. So, how do we API-ify the entire web? We must empower data consumers to create.   APIs are unlocking immense value through programmable access to data and services Established digital natives have made API business models work at scale. Salesforce, for example generates half of its $3B in revenue from APIs and Expedia generates 90% of $2B. Newer entrants like Twilio and Stripe are unlocking billions of dollars of value by API-ifying traditional services altogether.

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