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Welcome to the latest news and press from API Strategy & Practice.  This blog spans all editions of the API Strategy & Practice conference.

Thank You Chicago For Making APIStrat A Success

by Kin Lane on 10-29-2014

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made @APIStrat Chicago such a success. Thank you to our sponsors, speakers, and to the 3Scale API Infrastructure team. Without all of these people working together, the open conversation about the API space, that is @APIStrat would never happen. We kicked Wednesday off with workshop introducing APIs, helping attendees understand the best tactics for building successful APIs, managing those APIs, and how to test and manage integrations using SoapUI Pro. There was also a workshop dedicated to understanding how the City of Chicago has put APIs to work, and how citizens across the US can help make change using open data and APIs. Thursday morning the official event kicked off and we heard from Julia Ferraioli (@juliaferraioli), of Google about developer needs, the challenges Andrew Nacin (@nacin) of WordPress faces in deploying APIs, and the inspiring API efforts by Joshua Greenough (@Bankons), Senior Director of Innovation at Capital One Labs. Sessions on the first day covered API design, use in the media industry, architecture, data APIs, internal APIs, and the fast moving Internet of Things.

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APIStrat 2014 - DAY 1

by Kin Lane on 09-25-2014

Today's been a long and fun day at APIStrat! We've officially kicked our 2014 conference this morning with keynotes from Julia Ferraioli, Joshua Greenough and Andrew Nacin.  We've had some mind blowing moments and a bit of API psychology: In the afternoon we've had Steve Marx and John Sheehan from TrafficAndWeather doing their podcast live from APIStrat for the second time in the APIStrat history. Wooot? We've been live streaming all the keynotes, panels and fireside chats, and we'll be doing so tomorrow too. In addition to that, all the videos will be posted in a few days on our Youtube channel.

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As APIStrat Chicago Kicks Off, APIStrat Europe And US for 2015 are In The Works - We Want Your Input!

by Kin Lane on 09-24-2014

Attendees are deep in workshops on the first day if this year’s APIStrat and it’s going to be an awesome event! So many great speakers, sponsors and attendees talking APIs. After the fourth event we’re stoked at the community support and the great conversations that happen, so we’re happy to announce first of all the next APIStrat in Europe which will be in held in Berlin, Germany in late April or early May - dates to follow! Secondly, we’re also announcing a community call for input on where to host next year’s fall APIStrat 2015! We’ve had loads of location suggestions and we’d love to figure out the places people would really like the next event run! So we’re requesting proposals and ideas on where to go + thoughts on how to make it awesome in that city. All we need is an email to apiconference@3scale. net entitled “APIStrat 2015” letting us know: The location you’d like to see the event in! Some info on the strength of the local API community.   Suggestions of local folks who could help us organize on the ground.   Suggestions of great venues [for around 500 people or up to 1000], with great space to hang out and work/chat.

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APIStrat Investor Chat

by Steven Willmott on 09-19-2014

APIs are changing the way business is done, and startups are often at the forefront of that change. We’re lucky to have two experienced investors taking the stage at APIStrat for the Investor Fireside chat to dig down into how startups can leverage APIs to disrupt and how APIs affect their investment decisions. Noah Doyle of Javelin Venture Partners: Noah is a partner at Javelin and was previously at Keyhole and Google where he saw first hand the impact of the Google Maps API. Javelin investments include AppFirst, Nexenta, Lithium and Famo. us so the firm is investing heavily in the Web Technology Economy. Neill Occhiogrosso of CostanoaVC: Neill is the newest partner at Costanoa VC, a new West Coast VC that invests primarily in B2B SAAS companies including Demandbase, ReturnPath, Intacct, VictoOps and Risk. IO. He was also previously at IGC and Highland, where he was involved in investments such as Capital Maxymiser, HireVue, Conductor, Acquia, Guavus, Gigamon, VMTurbo, 2U and Ocarina Networks.


Public Sector APIs: API Design, Deployment, and Management For The Greater Good

by Kin Lane on 09-17-2014

Open source software has become an important foundation for every aspect of the technology that supports the Internet, and as the API economy evolves, we need to begin to look at open models for designing, deploying, and managing APIs. The terms "open" is thrown around a lot in API space a lot, but there is a lot more "open" going on than just using the word in marketing materials. Opening up data, and APIs across the public sector for governments, NGOs, and even API initiatives that are funded by grants and public private partnerships are more than just developing APIs for their own needs, they provide valuable blueprints, and resources that the private sector can put to use as well. Join us for a conversation about API design, deployment, and management of APIs that are designed to serve a greater good. We are pulling together a group of API architects from government, private sector, and quasi public / private sector to discuss how APIs are affecting the landscape.

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APIs, Data and Adaptive Intelligence In Chicago Next Week

by Kin Lane on 09-15-2014

We hear a lot of discussion about big data, and how the intelligence derived from it is helping companies across many business sectors in 2014. At the heart of this conversation are APIs, which provide the pipes for which this data travels, but also allow it to be abstracted, analyzed and ultimately made sense of, delivering the potential value everyone is discussing. Join us September 26th for a discussion about APIs, data, and adaptive intelligence, at the API Strategy & Practice conference in Chicago. We are bringing together five leaders across very different companies who are using APIs, and data to move their companies forward in new ways: Betsy Eisenberg (@Edgar_Online) Director, Product Management & Data Operations at EDGAR Online Brendan Gualdoni Director of API Strategy & Execution at Sears Jason Lobel (@jasonlobel) CEO at SwiftIQ Joe Rago (@JoeRago) Senior Product Manager at Walgreens Kyle Wild (@dorkitude) ‎Co-founder & CEO at Keen. io hysical, brick and mortar retailers to stay relevant in an internet age.

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Bring a Friend! 2-for-1 Tickets Available

by Kin Lane on 09-14-2014

One of APIStrat’s main goals is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the unique discussions, experiences, and insights shared through our conference series. In order for as many people as possible to join us for the 2014 U. S. edition in Chicago, we have a 2-for-1 ticket deal for full conference passes, available through Friday. Throughout our past events -- from San Francisco, to New York, to Amsterdam -- we’ve seen bringing API creators and consumers together catalyze conversations in exciting and important ways. This time, our theme of “APIs Going Mainstream” suggests an even greater need to bring together stakeholders from across the API ecosystem, as it extends to a broader audience. We hope this 2-for-1 discount will allow and encourage more people from all corners of the sector to attend and to bring with them a fuller picture of the current state of APIs and where they’re headed. We would love to see you there, too! If you can’t make it, we’ll be live streaming the main stage on the APIStrat website.


Live Streaming the Main Stage

by Kin Lane on 09-12-2014

Can't make it to Chicago? Luckily for you, we’ll be live streaming the main stage!   Tune in here on the APIStrat website for All keynotes Panels Traffic and Weather Live Opening and closing remarks Estimated time blocks are: Thursday, Sept. 25 9:00-10:50 5:05-6:50 Friday, Sept. 26 9:00-11:45 4:00-6:00 If you’d be interested in hosting the live stream too, email apiconference@3scale.


Discussing The Politics of APIs In Chicago @APIStrat

by Kin Lane on 09-11-2014

There are many challenges API providers face when designing, deploying, and managing their APIs, and some of the most difficult ones go beyond just the technical, including important aspects of API operations like terms of service, privacy, security, and even the pricing, or the monetization strategy of an API platform. Many developers are equipped to deal with the technical hurdles, but some of these legal, business, or as I call them, the political challenges, can be some of the most challenging. We are going to discuss this topic in a panel at APIStrat in Chicago, in a panel we are simple calling “The Politics of APIs”, where we bring together some interesting perspectives from: Kin Lane (@kinlane) - API Evangelist Mehdi Medjaoui (@medjawii) of oAuth. io Pratap Ranade (@PratapRanade) of Kimono Labs The Politics of APIs panel will be moderated by Tyler Singletary (@harmophone), Director of Platform at Klout API, and if you want to get a taste of what Tyler has planned, he wrote an great post over at medium, that I think sums up pretty well what we will be talking about.

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StrongLoop,,, Webshell, and In The Next Generation API Stack Panel @APIStrat

by Kin Lane on 09-08-2014

In the early days of APIs, the concept of the API mashup was hugely popular, where a developer would take two or more APIs and mash them up into a single web application, and eventually into mobile apps. ProgrammableWeb still tracks on mashups, and which APIs they consume, as a metric for which APIs are the most used across the space. At @APIStrat we wanted to revisit the concept of the mashup, see whats changed, how things have evolved, and maybe discuss a little about what is next for the mashup. We’ve invited a pretty interesting mix of leaders from the API space, that we feel reflect taking "mashups" to the next level, to form a panel on the MainStage at APIStrat we are calling “The Next Generation API Stack”: Issac Roth (@ijroth) of StrongLoop Kyle Wild (@dorkitude) of Keen. io Antony Falco (@antonyfalco) of Orchestrate. io Mehdi Medjaoui (@medjawii) of oAuth. io Justin Karneges (@jkarneges) of Fanout.

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