Day 1

Registration and Sponsor Tables

Registration and Coffee

Program Introduction by Kin Lane (@kinlane), API Evangelist and Steve Willmott (@njyx) of 3Scale

Keynote: Laura Merling (@magicmerl), VP Ecosystems and Solutions at AT&T

Laura Merling, VP Ecosystems and Solutions at AT&T. Widely acknowledged as an industry-leading pioneer, Laura is a dynamic executive who is results driven, technically savvy and focused on creating value for customers and investment partners. Laura specializes in defining innovative technologies and leading businesses to growth and revenue. 

Keynote: Jeff Lawson (@jeffiel), co-founder and CEO at Twilio

Jeff is co-founder and CEO of Twilio, where he brings over 10 years of entrepreneurial product leadership experience. Before Twilio, Jeff served as Product Manager for Amazon Web Services, and has held founding executive roles for NineStar,, and

Fireside Chat: Stephane Dubois (@sdubois), CEO and Founder at Xignite

Stephane Dubois is a recognized software and market data industry executive and innovator, who founded Xignite to pioneer market data in the cloud. Xignite is one of the best examples of how API and cloud delivery can rewires markets. Today, the company is known for creating the industry’s only pure-play market data cloud platform, used by clients around the world, across a range of industries. The company’s platform also powers market data cloud solutions offered by exchanges and financial services firms.

Transition Break

Track 1: Music

Discover the world of Music APIs and what makes them tick. Presentations including:

  1. Andrew Mager ♫ (@mager) of Spotify
  2. Paul Osman (@paulosman) of Soundcloud 
  3. Evan Stein (@SteinEvan) of Decibel 
  4. R. Kevin Nelson of Rdio 
  5. Discussion panel on the Future of Music APIs

Track 2: Social

Social APIs power much of today’s Web, find out how with presentations including:

  1. John Bunting (@codingjester) of  Tumblr
  2. Tyler Singletary (@harmophone) of Klout 
  3. Tyler Stalder (@tylerstalder) of Singly 
  4. Discussion panel on what’s next for Social APIs

Track 3: API Design and Creation

Building amazing APIs developers appreciate is much harder than it looks - see new tools and pick up tips from some of the best. Presentation including:

  1. Jakub Nesetril (@jakubnesetril) of Apiary 
  2. Tony Tam (@fehguy) of Wordnik / Swagger 
  3. Kirsten Jones (@synedra) of Cisco 
  4. Discussion panel on API Design Best Practices

Lunch Break

Track 1: Media

Content distribution by API has become crucial for today’s publishers and content creators. Presentations include:

  1. Irakli Nadareishvili (@inadarei) of NPR 
  2. Jon Moore (@jon_moore) of Comcast 
  3. Anthony Cuellar (@Anthony_Connect) of Pearson 
  4. Discussion Panel on the future of Media APIs

Track 2: Retail and Commerce

As well as content, API are emerging which enable retailers and eCommerce companies to reach their Buyers wherever they are. Presentations include:

  1. Matt Bishop (@MattBishopL3) of Elastic Path 
  2. Joe Rago (@joerago) of Walgreens 
  3. David Bloom (@davidabloom) of 
  4. JT Schaubschlager of Best Buy
  5. Discussion Panel on the future of Retail and Commerce APIs

Track 3: API Automation

As APIs proliferate it becomes challenging for developers and users to stitch them back together to create great apps. Presentations from companies including

  1. Nick Blanchard-Wright (@pseudomammal) of Temboo 
  2. Mehdi Medjaoui (@webshell_) of Webshell 
  3. Dave Goldberg (@davidgoldberg) of Ritc 
  4. Discussion Panel on the emerging Automation Layers on top of today’s APIs

Transition Break

Track 1: Travel

The online Travel Industry pioneered APIs in many ways with early booking systems functioning as APIs and still driving huge volumes of business today.

  1. David White, SVP/GM of Data Services of FlightStats, Inc. 
  2. Jack Loop (@jackloop) of SITA
  3. Tim MacDonald, EVP, Platform & Data Services at Concur Technologies
  4. Discussion Panel on the emerging Automation Layers on top of today’s API s

Track 2: Payments

Some of the most widely adopted APIs power payments for large swatches of the web. Payments come in many different shapes and sizes. Presentations including:

  1. Amber Feng (@amfeng) of Stripe 
  2. Michael Schonfeld (@BaconSeason) of Dwolla
  3. John Downey (@jtdowney) of Braintree 
  4. Praveen Alavilli (@ppalavilli) of Paypal 
  5. John Graham (@JohnGraham262) of Venmo 
  6. Discussion Panel on the future of Payment APIs

Track 3: API Security and Scalability

As APIs gain adoption they become ever more critical gateways to a company’s core business - ensuring access is secure and scalable are mission critical for your business. Presentations include:

  1. Paul Madsen (@PingIdentity) of  Ping Identity 
  2. Mark O'Neil (@TheMarkONeill) of Vordel
  3. Travis Reeder (@treeder) of 
  4. Andy Thurai (@AndyThurai) of Intel 
  5. Discussion panel on the challenges and solutions for API Security and Scalability

Coffee Break

Keynote: Steve Klabnik(@steveklabnik) on "Why Open?"

Steve Klabnik is an educator and respected open source programmer. APIs come in many flavours (or are they religions?) - Steve helps sort through the chaos and takes us to the the cutting edge of Hypermedia APIs.

Panel: Backend as a Service

There is a trend that has emerged over the last couple years called Backend as a Service or BaaS, sometimes also called Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS). Whatever you call it, it is fast becoming the way to rapidly build web and mobile apps using APIs. This panel will explore this market with 6 of the leading BaaS providers.

Panelists: Ilya Sukhar (@ilyasu) of Parse, Morgan Bickle (@morganbickle) of Kinvey, Marc Weil (@marcweil) of Cloudmine, Miko Matasumura (@mikojava) of Kii, Ty Amell (@tyamell) of StackMob James Tamplin (@jamestamplin) of Firebase

Moderator: Kin Lane (@kinlane), API Evangelist

Keynote: Jeff Meisel, Sr. Program Manager, LabVIEW Tools, National Instruments

Jeff is the Senior Product Manager for LabVIEW with expertise in developer relations, product management, and marketing strategy--providing management responsibilities for the overall LabVIEW Partner Program, LabVIEW Tools Network marketplace for LabVIEW Add-ons, and IPSpark which supports innovation for LabVIEW partners.

Panel: API Infrastructure Providers

Many of today’s APIs rely on third party systems, software and services to operate. Infrastructure that comes in various flavours - this panel covers these different flavours and how to choose between them.

Panelists: Mark O'Neil (@TheMarkONeill) of Vordel, Alistair Farquharson (@afarqu) CTO of SOA Software, Steve Willmott (@njyx) of 3Scale, Chris Haddad(@cobiacomm) of WSO2, Evgeny Popov(@apopov) of APIphany, Augusto Marietti (@sinzone) of Mashape

Moderator: Kin Lane (@kinlane), API Evangelist


Day 2

Registration and Sponsor Tables

Registration and Coffee

Program Introduction by Kin Lane (@kinlane), API Evangelist and Steve Willmott (@njyx) of 3Scale

Keynote: John Musser(@johnmusser), Founder ProgrammableWeb

John is the founder of ProgrammableWeb - the world’s leading directory of APIs - and has deep insight into API trends over time including acceleration in the growth of APIs, emergence of Business Models and technology trends.


Keynote: Daniel Jacobson(@daniel_jacobson), Director of API Engineering Netflix

Daniel Jacobson is the director of API engineering at Netflix. Prior to Netflix, he was at NPR where he created the NPR API as well as the content management system that drives, mobile platforms and all other digital presentations for NPR content. Daniel’s experience in running leading API programs is unparalleled on both technical and strategic levels.


Fireside Chat: Peter Orlowsky (@porlowsky), VP, Business Development, Getty Images

Peter is responsible for Getty Images sector leading API programs. Peter will provide insights into the strategy choices that created the API program and the customer / business value the API creates.   


Panel: API Business Models

APIs are turning out to be critical business assets for many companies - but what are the options for API Business Models? What works? What Doesn’t.

Panelists: John Musser (@johnmusser), Founder ProgrammableWeb, Joe Rago (@joerago) of WalgreensAugusto Marietti (@sinzone) of MashapeSteven Willmott (@njyx) of 3Scale

Moderator: Kin Lane (@kinlane), API Evangelist

Keynote: Alistair Farquharson (@afarqu) CTO of SOA Software

How Does My Enterprise API Platform Differ From Facebook, Twitter and Netflix?

Mr. Farquharson’s skills span many industries and include designing and implementing system architectures, as well as spearheading initiatives as development / team lead. He is an expert in custom application development, distributed environments, architecting scalable hardware and software applications and systems, and Web services application development. At SOA Software, he spearheads product development and provides thought leadership to enterprise customers implementing Web Services.

Coffee Break

Track 1: Mobile

APIs and Mobile are symbiotic - each driving the other with a good API strategy arguably key to a good Mobile Strategy. Presentations include: 

  1. Andy Thurai (@AndyThurai) of Intel 
  2. Max Katz (@maxkatz) of Tiggzi 
  3. Marc Weil (@marcweil) of Cloudmine 
  4. Miko Matasumura (@mikojava) of Kii 
  5. Discussion Panel on the evolution of API / A pp Ecosystems and platforms

Track 2: Education

K-12 and Higher Education is one area APIs are making an impact breaking down district and state level information silos.  Presentations include:

  1. Audrey Watters (@audreywatters) of Hack Education
  2. Jeremy Friedman (@jnfriedman) of Schoology
  3. Oliver Hurst-Hiller (@oliverhh) of
  4. Marina Martin (@MarinaMartin) of US Department of Education
  5. Brian Whitmer (@whitmer) of Instructure Canvas
  6. Discussion panel on Education APIs

Track 3: API Marketing and Promotion

“Build it and they will come” for APIs is often hit and miss for APIs. This session covers great strategies for driving usage and adoption of your API:

  1. Amit Jotwani (@amit) of Mashery 
  2. Adam Duvander (@adamd) of  ProgrammableWeb 
  3. Swift (@SwiftAlphaOne) of Sendgrid 
  4. Discussion panel on the challenges of API Marketing and promotion

Lunch Break

Track 1: Enterprise APIs

Enterprise APIs enable companies to open up complex internal processes to suppliers, customers and partners alike. Presentations include:

  1. Sumit Sharma (@sumitcan) from MuleSoft (Slides)
  2. Bruno Pedro (@bpedro) CTO of CloudWork 
  3. Heather O’Sullivan of Target 
  4. Discussion panel on challenges and solutions for Enterprise APIs

Track 2: APIs in Government

Opening public data is potentially one of the greatest benefits of API Programs. Presentations include:

  1. Mike Reich (@therealreich) of Seabourne 
  2. Chris Metcalf (@chrismetcalf) of Socrata 
  3. Gray Brooks of GSA 
  4. Discussion Panel on the evolution of APIs for Government and Non-Profit

Track 3: API Lifecycle, Methodology and Architecture

APIs form part of core business processes and are in their own right products - this requires that they should be managed and designed as such. Presentations include:

  1. Chris Haddad(@cobiacomm) of WSO2 
  2. Pat Cappelaere (@cappelaere) of Vightel Corporation 
  3. Asad Khan of Microsoft
  4. Discussion Panel on API Lifecycle and Methodology Best Practice.

Coffee Break

Keynote: John Sheehan (@johnsheehan), IFTTT

Co-founder of Runscope. Formerly Platform Lead at IFTTT; Developer Experience at Twilio.


Keynote: Sanjiva Weerawarana (@sanjiva)

Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, chairman and CEO, founded WSO2 in 2005 in order to reinvent the way enterprise middleware is developed, sold, delivered and supported through an open source model.

Prior to starting WSO2, Sanjiva worked for nearly eight years in IBM Research, where he focused on innovations in middleware and emerging industry standards. At IBM, he was one of the founders of the Web services platform, and he co-authored many Web services specifications, including WSDL, BPEL4WS, WS-Addressing, WS-RF and WS-Eventing. In recognition for his company-wide technical leadership, Sanjiva was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology in 2003.

Sanjiva also has been committed to open source development for many years. An elected member of the Apache Software Foundation, Sanjiva was the original creator of Apache SOAP, and he has contributed to Apache Axis, Apache Axis2 and most Apache Web services projects.


Fireside Chat: Albert Wenger (@albertwenger), Partner Union Square Ventures.

Albert is a Partner at Union Square Ventures, and one of the most Tech Savy investors in the United States. APIs have long been part of the secret sauce that have powered star companies in USVs portfolio such as Twitter, Foursquare, Etsy, Twillio, Tumblr and many others.


Keynote: Gray Brooks, Senior API Strategist at the GSA 

Gray Brooks began his new media work in 2003 on the web team of Howard Dean's presidential campaign, with responsibilities including the management of Get Local, the groundbreaking social organizing tool that would evolve into the suites used by campaigns in 2008.  With the launch of Barack Obama's presidential exploratory committee, he served as New Media Ombudsman, assisting the New Media Director in liaising amongst each New Media team and with other departments.  After serving on the Presidential Transition Team, Brooks co-led the digital overhaul at the Federal Communications Commission, an effort that completely retooled the agency’s web presence.  He now serves as Sr. API Strategist at the General Services Administration as part of the Administration’s implementation of the Digital Government Strategy.  


Panel: APIs, Platforms and Ecosystem

Successful APIs often create or underpin platforms which can see widespread re-use by third party developers and users alike. As platforms grow this creates potential tensions between operators of the platforms, third parties and users as has been the case in well publicised debates around Facebook and Twitter platform changes. This panel explores the challenges platform owners and users alike face in such situation + how to mitigate them.

Panelists: Tyler Stalder (@tylerstalder) of Singly, Seth Blank (@AntiFreeze) of YourTrove, Asif Rahman (@asifrahman) of Newscred, Orian Marx (@orian) of, Travis Wallis (@traviswallis) of PeopleBrowsr

Moderator: Kin Lane (@kinlane), API Evangelist


Closing Remarks